There are many reasons why North Florida is such an wonderful place to visit (or live). The climate is spectacular; great for boating, golfing, surfing, fishing and other forms of sports and recreation. In addition, the area is rich in arts and entertainment, fine-dining, shopping and history. North Florida also offers miles of beautiful beaches and waterways, cultural pursuits from jazz and Scottish festivals, to hot clubs and remarkable, ethnically diverse restaurants.

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Paynes Praire . . .

Paynes Prairie

This beautiful central Florida preserve was the first in the state and is known for its diverse community of plants and animals.

William Bartram the great American explorer and naturalist called Paynes Prairie "The great Alachua Savannah" when he first wrote about it in 1774. With over 20 distinct biological communities, over 270 bird species and home to wild bison and Spanish horse and cattle, Paynes Prairie is certainly one of the top places to view wildlife in Florida.

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