There are many reasons why North Florida is such an wonderful place to visit (or live). The climate is spectacular; great for boating, golfing, surfing, fishing and other forms of sports and recreation. In addition, the area is rich in arts and entertainment, fine-dining, shopping and history. North Florida also offers miles of beautiful beaches and waterways, cultural pursuits from jazz and Scottish festivals, to hot clubs and remarkable, ethnically diverse restaurants.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Castaway Island Preserve . . .

Protecting more than 300 acres of coastal habitats along the meandering, estuarine San Pablo River, Castaway Island Preserve is a breezy spot to get away from the city neighborhoods and enjoy a breath of fresh air outdoors.

 A peninsula on the edge of suburbia, it’s its own world once you pass through the gates. Ibis and wood storks comb through the shallow marsh edges. Gopher tortoises lumber through the protected pine flatwoods of the island, which is surrounded by the estuary.

This is a gentle mile-long walk for all ages, well-interpreted and fun to follow – especially for kids – with plenty of benches and overlooks along the way.


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